Firewood for sale premium kiln-dried Barn stored 2 years seasoned ready to burn firewood cut two 15in average length and split 5 7 inch average diameter with our kiln drying process we heat treat our fire when it over 200 degrees for 48 hours to ensure theres no bugs or larvae and that way we have a money back guarantee that your firewood will be ready to burn and always the full amount we sell...
Seasoned unsplit $200 or split $300 Madrone Firewood For Salethe highest Btu value of any firewood out there very Big cordsFree delivery within 25 miles
last weekCorvallis, OR+98 milesFree Stuff
I have this dead line tree in my back yard. I also have another small tree in addition to this one in the picture that can be cut down for firewood for free too. If you want the firewood but must take all the debris as well.
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Previously used for lumber end cutsscraps. Made of 12 OSB, assembled with screws and has 4- 2 full swivel casters, making it easy to move around. The box is 24 x 24 34 and 24 tall plus casters. Framed with 2 x 2 solid wood. Thousands of uses, firewood, kindling, sports equipment ETC. Cash or trade.
days agoPortland, OR+26 milesFree Stuff
Have 2 wood pallets in the backyard. Or use for firewood. Ill help you load them. There is some free plywood too if youre interested. Plywood is 34 and mostly 4x5 approximately. One looks approximately 4x8All free. Also a 6 artificial little tree for free. Call for meeting me, then Ill give you the address and arrange time. Thanks.
Come on in and pick up some White Oak in as little as an 18 and as much as 14 of a cord. White Oak is a very dense long burning firewood and is a popular choice for cooking and smoking enthusiasts. We also have oak in chuck and small splits for those that like to cook on the grill or in a pit. Any questionsBe sure to call us at opt.2 or visit our website
We own a tree service and stock pile a lot of the wood from trees we remove. This Saturday, June 15th from 800am-Noon we will be giving it away if you cant afford to pay for it. If you can and would like to donate for the labor we have into it that would great but not mandatory. This is rounds, chunks, double size pieces NOT SPLIT WOOD so bring some muscle. If you are super picky about types of...
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Dead arborvitae, on the alley between Mill and Bellevue, closest to Mill. Across from the yellow building.Ad will be deleted when it is gone.


Old growth ash firewood from trees just felled.Great price of $85 a cord. Save now and heat house toasty warm next year.Also cherry wood at same great price great for BBQsYou load and select wood desired.TEXT ONLYDO NOT CALLNo Emails
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About four to six armloads of firewood. The person I got them from had them in four kitchen trash bags, so I am not quite sure how to describe how much it is.
Seasoned unsplit $200 or split $300 Madrone Firewood For Salethe highest Btu value of any firewood out there very Big cords
I have two 60 year old trees taken down, they are in a variety of sizes but would require a coupleof guys or a chainsaw maybe. Its by the front of road and driveway so you can get about 50 feet from where you park to get the wood. Just e-mail, thanks. $100 per tree, 2 cords easy.
The price is $225 for the all the wood in the pictures. The dimension of the wood is roughly 6 ft x 8 ft x 4 ft. The wood is seasoned and under a tarp. The slabs of wood are large. When you come, please bring something to transport it.
THE small barkless dryed fir rouunds limited to avalabilaty call fidel in stjohns ore uhaul or del,d portlandvancouver or boreing bark and landscape or hardwood 4in,x 4in x 12in or longer alsso sum 3x3s kiln dryed sum needs cut,sum nails ,uhaul,pickuploads or small chunks for cfirepits 20..00 a wheelbarrow ,UHAUL,.call mark wheelbarrow or 4x4x12 or 4x4x8foot hardwood also avl, hazeldell ne78st4...